Wine Brewing Records

Batch No. Wine
Balling Potential
Yield Rating
1 Peach 08/02/2001 5 Gal. 08/13/2001
70 F
70 F
70 F
? TBD TBD TBD Transfered to glass carboy on 8/19, diluted with enough water to make 7 gallons. Tasted very sweet, but should be a decent wine.
Racked to 7.5 gallon carboy on 9/17 for final fermentation stage. Tasted again, pretty good, but still strong and hard to drink.
Getting a lot easier to drink! Already drank over 1 gallon and haven't even bottled. Doesn't taste much like peach, in fact, there is very little taste period, like water. Gives nasty hangovers...
Racked one last time on 11/20. Noticed about 2 gallons of this is gone to drinking already!
Bottled, not much left at bottling time (about 15 bottles)
2 Chokecherry 09/07/2001 4.5 Gallons 09/10/2001 68
.5 - .6 TBD TBD TBD Diluted with .5 gallons of water to bring SG down to 1.1. Tested Acidity, first reading .6, second .5. Should be fine.
On 9/17 transfered to 5 gal. glass carboy. Straining was a huge pain. Wild fermentation immediately took place.
10/20 (???) racked again, lots of sediment.
Taste needs to be acquired. Noticed plastic jug lids are no longer airtight. Crap.
Bottled, seems to be tasting better.
3 Tomato 09/07/2001 5 Gallons 11/20/2001 64 F .999 TBD TBD TBD TBD 4 large bottles
10 regular sized bottles
TBD Pain in the rear to strain. Tasted pretty good when sugar was still in it. Fermentation changed the color from a nice soft red to a pale yellow. Cannot find hydrometer readings, grrr...
10/20 (???) racked to glass carboy. Lots of pink sediment forming on bottom.
Racked again (11/20) to plastic jugs. Smells really bad, tastes ok though. SG is under 1.0, don't know original reading though. Yellowish color.
Transferered two more times (02/07/2002)
bottled (04/25/2002)
4 Onion 11/14/2001 11 Gallons 11/16/2001
68 F
64 F
.65 TBD 2 Gallon jugs
5 large bottles
25 regular sized bottles
TBD "The Experiment". Smells horrible, but is supposed to turn into a great wine. We'll see. 11 gallons because I way overestimated the amount of ingredients, I only used 1/2 the onions I took home....
Pretty high initial specific gravity, don't feel like diluting though, have enough of this stuff as it is.
Spent a lot of time trying to smush the raisins floating in the wine. Guessing the yeast can't get at the sugar inside the skins if they are not crushed. Might be why a lot of my wine thus far tastes a lot like water... Smell not as potent
Transferred to secondary fermenters 11/26. Tastes like onions, sugar and raisins. Pretty gross. Spent a lot of time trying to get all the juice out of the raisins, if this wine is going to taste like anything, my guess is that the stuff in the raisins needs to be in it.
Transferered two more times (02/07/2002)
bottled (04/25/2002)
5 Sauvignon Blanc 02/07/2002 5 Gallons 02/07/2002
60 F
60 F
-1 %
.55 TBD 23 bottles TBD Finally trying just a "normal" wine. Added more acid due to acid test. Accidentally added pectic acid instead of tannin when brewing. Bentonite is very difficult to work with. Recipe said to measure SG and Acid BEFORE adding sugar. That doesn't make sense, I measured after adding sugar. Recipe calls for temperature control ("Raise temp to 75 F") which I don't have the time or equipement for so it's going to work at 60 F. (02/07/2002)
Ok, how come my wine always has a super-low SG reading??? This one will be very dry. (2/29)
racked (04/25/2002)
First bottle opened, still needs work, but tastes good. (07/16/02)
N/A Orange Brandy 02/29/2002 1 Gallon N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A TBD 3 large bottles TBD Picked up a brandy kit, figured what the heck. Not sure how to measure alcohol content. Stinks pretty bad. (3/14)
Was a hit at card club (5/4/02)
6 Rhubarb Wine 06/26/2002 8.5 Quarts N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A TBD 11 misc. sized bottled TBD Using 13 lbs. rhubarb from the farm, and aunt Roseanne's recipe. Made recipe with one hand in a cast with help from Anita! (7/1/02)
Added sugar 7/8. Tastes good (07/16/02)
Added Rice. Smells decent, looks aweful though. (8/31/02)
Bottled sometime in early November. Pretty good tasting wine, my new favorite.
7 Basswood Wine 07/17/2002 6 Gallons N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A TBD 22 misc. sized bottles TBD Used basswood flowers from the farm, and aunt Roseanne's recipe. Used raisins instead of onions. H ad enough flowers for 10 gallons, but not enough other ingredients. Compressed yeast is HARD to find, Lund's in Uptown had it though. Racked on 7/29, will need to again before bottling. (08/02/02)
Bottled sometime in early November. Very sweet, nice change from my usual extremely dry wine.
8 Shiraz (From a Select Wine Kit) 01/18/2003 5 Gallons 01/18/2003
70 F
70 F
70 F
-1 %
TBD TBD TBD TBD Finally brewing another wine. Trying a red wine kit. First step was really simple, add the concentrate, some bentonite and water then pitch yeast. Basement might be a little too chilly for good fermentation.
Perfect 1.000 SG on 1/28. Smells pretty odd. Need to rack now. Bubbled a lot after moving out of the cool basement to the warmer office closet.
Completed Stage 3 instructions on 2/11. When racking, figured it would all fit into a 5 gallon carboy. Nope, had to have a seperate one gallon jug. Added One gallon water when racked to 6.5 gallon carboy, hope that's not too much.
9 Merlot (or Cabernet?) (From a Select Wine Kit) ??? 5 Gallons           TBD TBD TBD TBD Turned out well, too bad I have been so horrible at keeping records lately...
10 Rhubarb ??? 9 or so Gallons           TBD TBD 37 bottles, 14 of which were large bottles 8 Lots of rhubarb from the rents. This actually is pretty decent.

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