Our New House

Well, after nearly a year of thinking about buying a house and saving up money for the down payment, Anita and I finally bought our first house.

The Choices: Over the weekend of March 24 - 27, 2000, we started doing some real serious house hunting. Our realtor sent us almost 60 house listings. From those 60, we weeded out 30 or so that we knew we were not interested in. We drove by those 30 and narrowed the list down to 10 or so that we wanted to view on the inside. The next day we met with our realtor and she showed us about 10 houses. Of those 10, only 3 were potentials for making an offer. After a few phone calls, our realtor found out that 1 of those 3 was sold pending an inspection. So that left us with 2. One was in Golden Valley and it dropped $8000 as we drove up to the driveway! Unfortunately it looked like there were already 2 offers on it and possibly more as it was an open house that day. It was a nice place, but not a lot of it was finished. That left us with a house in the NW corner of Minneapolis. It was a very charming old home in a great neighborhood. We decided to make an offer.

The Bargaining: Our initial offer was $5000 less than the listing price. We figured we'd try it, see what they come back with. Their first counter was $2000 off the listing price and we'd have to pay for anything to bring it up to code. This sounded a bit fishy and the realtor told us that it's the seller's job to bring things up to code. So we countered back and asked for $3000 off the listing price and that they pay for bringing the house up to this mysterious "code". They countered once more saying they would do that, but would not budge any further on the price. We felt confident about the deal, so we signed off on it.

The Next Few Days: After all of that, the only thing standing in the way was the inspection, which took place on 4/1/2000. A few things came out of the inspection, most notably that there were ventilation issues, minor water damage in the basement, and the garage was not too sturdy. Nothing too shocking, so it looks like we're done!

The Final Word: If all goes well with the loan officer, we expect to close on June 16th, 2000. My lease at my current apartment runs until June 31, 2000, so I will probably move out gradually. We may decide to do some painting and other touch up work before moving any furniture. Who knows?

Who Cares? Show Me Some Pictures!

These were taken with a small point and shoot camera. They are pretty big, but they look nice that way.

There are currently no pictures of the 2 other bedrooms, the kitchen, and the basement. There really wasn't an easy way to get a nice picture of those areas.

The Stats: We've been getting a lot of questions about the house, here is everything you should care to know.

The Problems: Any used house is bound to have some problems. These are at the top of the list of things we'll need to work on. Fortunately the list is not too large.

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Created: 04/02/2000
Last Modified: 02/21/2002